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  • Well-being (2 nights)

    Well-being (2 nights)

    Come and relax and rest from your working days to the Art Nouveau style Orea Spa Hotel Bohemia. Gain new strength thanks to the world famous healing springs situated near the hotel. Your holiday will also be made pleasant by our Spa & Wellness centre with a wide range of wellness products and treatments.
  • Rejuvenating spa (3 nights)

    Rejuvenating spa (3 nights)

    Come to gain new energy. Combine active exercise in fresh air with relaxation in our hotel wellness centre and let our team of experts pamper you. Mariánské Lázně is the right place for you to gain new strength, relax and discover the magic of the healing springs.
  • Spa stay (from 7 nights)

    Spa stay (from 7 nights)

    Are you exhausted and do you need to get a better mood? You can experience unforgettable moments of well-being and a unique spa atmosphere. Come to relax and gain new energy from the sun, from the clean air and from the healing springs. Mariánské Lázně is the right place for you to gain new strength for your future days.
  • Be fit at any age (5 nights)

    Be fit at any age (5 nights)

    Use this curative treatment holiday for improving your fitness, general physical and mental health with regard to the needs of seniors. Let your body have the pleasure of comfort and relaxation in a unique hotel situated near the spa centre. The pleasant relaxation will be intensified by the spa environment in the middle of parks.
  • Magic Christmas (3, 4 nights)

    Magic Christmas (3, 4 nights)

    Come to spend the most beautiful holiday of the year with us and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere full of gastronomic and social events, which we prepare for you every year.
  • New Year’s Eve party (5 nights)

    New Year’s Eve party (5 nights)

    Relaxation, great food and professional staff – that is the Orea Spa Hotel Bohemia and Mariánské Lázně! We are happy to offer you our traditional New Year’s Eve stay, which is prepared for you on these festive days. Experience the last hours of 2017 and step into 2018 with us.